Justin Boots Women’s Bent Rail 11″ Broad Square-toe Boot

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Today I’m reviewing the Justin Women’s Bent Rail Boots. My favorite thing about these boots is the color, and the stitching is a beautiful green color.
I like the contrasting stitching. Some other things I really love about these boots are the rubber soles. It’s a little bit tougher than maybe your traditional leather sole for riding and also for working around the barn. Another feature I love about this boot is the square heel.

It’s really comfortable for walking around. It’s not high heel. It’s really comfortable. It doesn’t put a lot of weight on the ball of your foot. I also love that this boot was has designed the stitching to come really close up to the toe so when you wear it with jeans, you don’t cover up all of the stitching. There a great height for wearing under jeans day to day, but also very comfortable under chaps and they’re good height for that as well. So for showing or even just wearing around town, they’re a really nice height. I also love the leather, It’s really soft and supple, really easy to break in, doesn’t take a lot of break in. Very comfortable to wear and forms to your foot really nicely as well.

Another great feature of this boot is it has the spur ledge so it’s really great for riding with spurs. They’re not not going to fall down. They’re going to stay really nice in place. The maintenance and care of these boots is pretty minimal. You’re just going to want to use a basic leather conditioner every so often just to keep your leather nice and soft and supple and avoid it from cracking. These boots do run pretty true to size. When you’re first buying you want to get them a little snug over-the-top here, because they are going to stretch out a little bit as they wear in and they’re going to be really nice and comfortable form to your foot. The Justin women’s Bent Rail Boots is my pick of the month.

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