Your Dog Needs a Ball Thrower

Have you ever thought that your dog needed the exercise but you’re just too tired from work to run with your dog? Well, there’s a solution to this, and it’s called a ball thrower!

Ball throwers for dogs, also known as ball launchers or fetch devices, are tools designed to help you throw a ball for your dog to chase and retrieve. They provide an extra throwing distance and reduce the strain on your arm when playing fetch with your dog. These devices typically consist of a handle or mechanism to hold the ball and a mechanism to propel the ball forward. Here are a few common types of ball throwers:

Manual Ball Throwers: Manual ball throwers are the most basic type and require physical effort from the user. They often have a long handle or arm, allowing you to pick up the ball without bending down and providing leverage to launch the ball farther. You can swing the thrower and release the ball, sending it flying through the air.

Ball Throwers with a Slingshot Mechanism: Some ball throwers feature a slingshot-like design. They typically have a flexible pouch or cup where you place the ball, and then you pull back on the handle or strap, stretching the elastic material. When you release the handle, the tension propels the ball forward.

Automatic Ball Launchers: Automatic ball launchers are electric or battery-powered devices that automatically launch balls for your dog. They often have a funnel or loading mechanism where you place the ball, and then the machine launches it at a preset distance. Some models have adjustable settings to control the distance and launch angle. Automatic ball launchers can provide continuous play and are particularly useful for dogs with high energy or those who enjoy repetitive fetching.

Ball throwers come in different sizes and designs, so it’s important to choose one that is appropriate for your dog’s size and the space you have available for play. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and supervise your dog when using a ball thrower to ensure safety during playtime.

Here’s one I got recently, a USB rechargable ball launcher, for tennis size balls. I can actually adjust the distance, depending on the size of my garden area – with the push of a button. Amazingly, each charge can last for about 6 hours, and is definitely more than enough for the workout session my dog needs. If you’re keen to consider one for your dog, do check out this SOCO Automatic Ball Launcher and I’m certain you’d wish you got this long ago.

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