Thierry Mugler Alien Perfume Review

Hi everybody, so today I’m gonna talk about the alien fragrance from Thierry Mugler the second fragrance from Thierry Mugler after Angel which was a really good success and Angel’s one of those perfumes that’s become someone’s signature scent and I think Alien really carried on that tradition as well. It’s an incredibly strong perfume an incredibly good at lasting and you can tell when someone’s wearing it immediately when they walk by. I recognise it all the time and I remember around after it first came out you would go into a bar or a club and I could just find Alien everywhere and I just came to associated with going out and nights out so now it still reminds me of that. It’s funny how smells can remind you of particular things and so I have a little vial of it here and it’s the Alien is a heavy floral smell so it’s like a white floral and then there’s a little bit of a sort of grey pea and then I sort of woody undertone but then it’s basically got a big amber base but the first thing you get is that strong strong strong white floral so this is not fragrance for the faint-hearted and I think it’s a bit of a Marmite fragrance so some people really love it and some people it’s just not for them and personally it’s not something I would wear but I can see how other people would like you know how it could become their signature scent and it’s probably quite expensive.

Well it’s probably towards the top of the line. It’s more expensive than your average perfume but it’s not mega expensive it’s probably about 80 or 90 pounds for their full sized one and like all Mugler fragrances it will be refillable as well so you can go to the counter and get them refilled and rather than having to buy a new bottle every time and the bottle is again like all Mugler fragrances a work of art.

It looks like a little bit sort of alien egg or you know like the Philosopher’s Stone in Harry Potter and purple with gold outside and you know it looks like something from a film like Harry Potter so again it’s very special, very durable bottle. It is something that you’d be proud to have on your dressing table and look at every day. So if you’re looking for something that’s quite strong and quite memorable I definitely recommend trying all the Mugler fragrances and I guess the Angels more heavy vanilla, Aliens more floral and then Aura or is kind of like a green floral smell.

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