Review of Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

Hi everybody, today it’s time for another perfume review and it’s the turn of Lady Million by Paco Rabanne. So this is the sort of sister fragrance of the Paco Rabanne 1 Million for men which is a best-seller sort of heavy sweet with musky fragrance which is super super popular. It comes in a bottle that’s like a big gold bar so it’s quite tacky, in my opinion in terms of the branding. So the Lady Million the pair and is in the shape of a giant diamond but it’s gold so I don’t know whether they were perhaps a bit confused that diamonds and gold on the same thing but anyway that’s how it comes so I guess the whole theme of the whole thing seems to be around like money and richness and gold and I think gold packaging makes me think that it’s gonna be a sweet fragrance maybe that’s cause the men’s fragrance is sweet like vanilla. I don’t know why it makes me think that but it does. Interesting like that adverts on TV like they aren’t really that much about money and stuff, so basically I find the branding confusing and I don’t understand the story but I think what they’re saying – this is perfume for rich people but it’s actually priced the same as in other perfumes.

So anyway, so what does it smell like right ? So the smell is not what you expect from the packaging or the branding. The smell is floral so you’ve got a flowery fragrance but the branding doesn’t mention anything about flowers and there’s like gold like it’s gonna be like sweet. The only thing that sort of marries over is that there’s quite a strong and honey undertones through it so it’s kind of like a mixture if you take a honey smell and you take a floral and very similar to J’adore from Dior, mix them together, then that’s lady million.

So it’s fresh and but it has the warmth of the honey and the flowers make it like quite pleasant and it kind of reminds me of like a morning in a meadow or it actually reminds me quite a lot of fabric conditioner. I mean oh you get like the fresh yellow colored fabric conditioners. It reminds me a lot of that and people who like this fragrance are gonna hate me. Um but it’s not very good for lasting, you know it doesn’t really last. I sprayed it about two hours ago and I have to properly put my nose against my skin to smell it. I could smell it for about an hour so if its about an hour afterwards. I was smelling it as I walked around. I did get it but after two hours and it has basically gone. So overall I found this fragrance to be peculiar so I don’t really get it, like the smell is fairly run-of-the-mill, the smell is floral packaging. I don’t understand what this whole like million money thing has to do with perfume. I don’t see how that marries up. I don’t see how that marries to the Paco Rabanne brand. Perhaps there is some kind of linkage there if you know then please put it in the comments. Tell me, I’m interested. I don’t like the funny shape of the bottle because it’s like a diamond and you like press it. Quite like plastic-key and you know, like it’s just not very elegant and feminine and classy. It’s just like gold block so therefore I have to say I’m not particularly impressed with this perfume. I think it’s quite generic and a bit random. But if you tried it if you liked it then I’m sorry. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. So that’s it. Now I hope you found this review useful if you did then don’t forget to give this review a thumbs up and check out some of my other perfume reviews but that’s it for now. So bye.

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