Prada Candy Perfume Review

Hello everyone. Welcome back to my review section. So today it’s time for another perfume review and I’m going to cover off Prada’s Candy perfume today. So this is a perfume that came out in 2011 so it’s been out quite a while now, and I think it has a bit of a soft launch but it’s continued to sell and continue to sort of feature, never as a sort of top-10 type perfume but as a sort of steady seller. I don’t think this will ever be a best bestseller just because of the type of fragrance that it is, so as the name suggests it smells like candy – big big big big time! So the main note that you get when you smell it and I am wearing it now is caramel. You like caramel, then this is the perfume for you. If you would like to smell like a giant piece of caramel this is the perfect perfume for you. There are other notes in here though it is predominantly that sweet caramel and fragrance. Underneath that you’ve got a musky type tone and a powdery tone in there as well. So I would kind of describe it as it almost smells a little bit like a powder makeup. You know when sometimes you have eyes shadow or something, you smell it. There’s a there is a scent to it. It’s kind of got that powderiness to it, but then laden with that is this this sweet sort of Christmas morning, opening a bag of sweets, sweet bonanza fragrance. You know sweet is one of those fragrance notes that some people love and some people hate, so I think it is a bit of a marmite perfume.

One thing I have been really impressed with is it’s probably been four or five hours since I sprayed this now, and I think I only sprayed one or two sprays and I have been able to smell it the entire time I’ve been wearing it. I keep getting whiffs of the note so I think from that perspective it is a good perfume for lasting, and which is kind of typical of Prada perfumes. They all tend to be quite strong in your face, like heavy perfumes. They don’t really have any light fruity or you know floridi ones. So it is a good quality perfume and I think the bottle is quite pretty and with this sort of orange liquid and the pink top and it’s quite sort of substantial and classy looking bottle which I think would look nice on anyone’s bedside table.

In terms of getting this as a gift, I think if you know someone likes sweet perfumes and they’ve had quite sweet perfumes before then they probably will like this and if they tend to like more floral perfumes or lighter perfumes probably don’t get the mist because it really is quite a Marmite fragrance. So the question of whether I like it or not, I think it is a good perfume because it lasts and it’s got quite a distinctive unique smell. There isn’t really anything else that has this exact kind of fragrance sort of musky sweet caramel, and personally I find it a little bit sickly and I do like sweet perfumes and so that’s quite unusual for me to find a sweet perfume sickly. I tell you what this is so similar to and the red Dior Poison, Hypnotic Poison. It does have a sort of hypnotic smell to it like it a little bit sickly, but you had you should go and try it because it’s an interesting fragrance and it is probably something that you haven’t smelled anything similar to before.

So if you have this fragrance and you like it then let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear what you guys think about it, but overall I think it’s a good perfume and and it’s very sweet. It’s my summary. I hope you found this review useful and if you did then don’t forget to give this review a thumbs up. Check out some of my other perfume reviews but that’s it for now. So thank you so much for reading. Bye.

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