My Perfume Review of Chanel No. 5

Today I’m going to do a review of Chanel number 5 by of course Chanel so I have a sample of it here and I’ve also been out and sprayed this on my skin.

Chanel number 5 is probably most famous for the Marilyn Monroe quote that said that all she wears in bed is Chanel number 5 and I don’t think she was paid to say that and I don’t think she was like endorsing the brand I think that was just a spontaneous comment when she said that. Chanel number Five’s actually had quite a few reincarnations over the years. It hasn’t been the exact same fragrance from the beginning so the Chanel number 5 that we know today was actually created in 1986 as a interpretation of the original Chanel perfume that was made in the 20s so it isn’t actually as old as you think it is and the fragrance that Marilyn Monroe was spraying and using is no longer available so actually when we wear Chanel number 5 now we’re not smelling the same as Marilyn Monroe did unfortunately.

So the note that hits you the most is an aldehyde type. Now with a Lily of the Valley and and sort of kind of like a floral fragrance underneath but the overall feeling is of more of a powdery fragrance than a floral fragrance. The other and key notes that come out are Ylang Ylang and Iris so this is not the notes in this. These notes are not typical of a modern perfume I think this is very typical of and something created in the 80s and things that similar to would be Chanel Coco and also the Shalimar perfume by Guerlain which isn’t a very famous one and I’m sure not that many people recognize it.

So who would this fragrance be good for ? So I think it’s definitely a very classic smell. It’s not modern and I don’t think it’s a particularly young smell either which is probably why they brought out this Chance Eau Tendre and Chance Eau de Toilette versions of number 5 to try and appeal to a younger market but I think Chanel number 5 is probably one of those things that people make their favorite. They wear consistently for years and years and years and that’s they keep buying it. It’s not the best seller from Chanel buy by a long way. It probably just is the most famous because of that Marilyn Monroe quote and because it’s been around for so long. If you are buying a gift for someone I think you’d be safer to go with um Coco Mademoiselle or Chance.

I think these would be much safer and are liked by more people. I think number 5 is for someone who likes those powdery Ylang Ylang and Iris and Lily of the Valley type fragrances. It’s not sweet or fruity so you have to be quite careful with it and I think it’s one of those things that you either love or hate. It’s quite a dividing perfume but of course the bottles beautiful the branding is beautiful and it’s the classic famous perfume so it’s always gonna have that, but I would definitely recommend going out smelling it and that your local store because it’s very difficult to describe and I think you have to smell it to understand it. When you smell it does hop back to a different time and you do think of that classic 1950s, 1960s Hollywood Marilyn Monroe even though it wasn’t what she was wearing. So if you found this review helpful and let me know in the comments, give this review a thumbs up and thank you so much for reading. Bye for now.

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