Marc Jacobs Decadence Review

Hi everybody. Welcome back to my review section. Today I’m doing a perfume review of Marc Jacobs Decadence. So this is the perfume that looks like a little mini green handbag and I have it on a card here and I’m also wearing it. So this fragrance is Marc Jacobs and sort of first like serious fragrance. I think each of the different fragrances that they’ve released is supposed to be aimed at particular character that they sort of imagined would be wearing it, so Daisy is kind of like a young girl next door, Lola is for sort of someone who’s quite quirky and then Decadence this fragrance is supposed to be for a sort of strong sexy sultry woman. So I think in terms of that ambition, I think it does achieve that and it is and a sultry nighttime evening fragrance. I think that it is quite sweet and I can imagine that a lot of people are put off by that.

The main note in here that really dominates is plum, so if you like the smell of plum or the taste of plum then this is the reference for you. I think it’s an unusual choice and I kind of see where they’re going for it and it fits in with the sort of deeper notes that are in there. But overall I find it sort of nice but not fantastic and I think it’s quite difficult to get really passionate and excited about plum. I think that the bottle is and kind of cute and different. I just find it a bit too much like having a perfume shaped like a Daisy makes sense because flowers are a key ingredient in perfumes, but handbags don’t go into perfumes right ? So I think it’s a bit too much of a leap and it’s just a bit like they’re trying too hard to make a bottle there’s different. Other fragrances that this is similar to, so it reminds me a bit of the new Black Opium from Yves Saint Laurent and it’s sweet like Midnight Poison from Dior and Hypnotic Poison from Dior. It’s a little bit like Alien but not a lot, and definitely not replacement for Alien and I think the a new Lancome Lin Tresor la nuit is probably quite similar as well, but the main issue that I have with this perfume is it’s lasting ability.

So it’s only been a few hours since I got this and both on my wrist and on a card and and this fragrance is effectively gone so I’m not impressed with its lasting power and I think there are other perfumes you could get for a similar price which would last longer. I hope this review is useful if it was, please give this it a thumbs up and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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