Gucci Bloom Review

Hi everybody. Welcome back to my reviews section, so today I am going to do a review of the latest perfume from Gucci which is called Gucci Bloom. Gucci had brought up quite a lot of floral fragrances over the past few years and as the packaging and the branding of this one would suggest, this new one is no exception. It is a very very floral perfume, so if you like the smell of flowers, if you want to smell like you’re in a garden then this is a really good perfume for you. So I have it here on a card and I also have it on my skin and I actually sprayed this quite a few hours ago and the card does smell and very much of the perfume and my skin is less strong in terms of lasting, and so my impression is that this probably isn’t a really lasting perfume but I think a lot of these type of perfumes aren’t anyway so that doesn’t surprise me. In terms of what it smells like, so this is a white floral perfume so it smells like a lot of white flowers that are out there. The main smell for me is a Honeysuckle smell and there’s also Jasmine in there so it kind of smells a bit like an English country garden. There isn’t any Rose in here so you don’t get that side of things at all and it’s more greener and gardenia type fragrance.

If you’re familiar with Zara Home, they have a Gardenia range of soaps and body washes and things and it smells very very similar to that. So I think the packaging is pink and red which is kind of misleading because that makes you think of roses and red flowers but all the floral notes in here are white flowers. Personally for me I find this a little bit clawing, it’s not particularly fresh and it does smell like a sort of green or floral soap and I think actually this might be nicer in the wintertime. It’s more of a posy smell than a fresh spring/summer smell and but I think that’s just my personal taste. The kind of things that might be similar to this, so if you have the Gucci Bamboo fragrance or basically any other floral fragrance and the Flora Gorgeous Gardenia from the Gucci Garden range i think, that’s what it was called. So overall I think this is a good perfume if you like white floral smells and if you don’t then it’s not really got much else going on so it probably isn’t for you but it seems to last okay for the price and it’s not going to change the world. It’s not particularly a deep smell it’s warm smell, it’s very simple smell and so if you like floral smells go and try it. See what you think.

So that’s it for that review, if you found it helpful or useful then give this review a thumbs up and check out some of my other perfume reviews. Thank you so much for watching and bye for now.

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