Chloe Nomade Perfume Review

Hi everybody and welcome back to my website. So today it’s time for a review of the latest perfume from Chloe which is Chloe Nomade. So the bottle itself is kind of shaped and reminiscent of a Chloe bag and it’s very simple design and it has the little and sort of faux leather tight. The branding and the concept behind it is and the name you know Nomad, it’s supposed to be about the strong nomadic type woman sort of brave, almost slightly wild feel to it.

What’s peculiar about it is that the bottle is quite sleek modern and sophisticated which doesn’t really marry out with that concept, I don’t think. But more than that the smell is not like that at all so as this settles, it settles into a very powdery and fragrance almost like baby powder and the thing that it reminds me of the most is kind of the smell of makeup, so you know how lipsticks and eyes hadows often have a bit of a fragrance bit of a smell to them. It reminds me a lot of that and which is a bit different because there’s not many perfumes smell like that and why would makeup smell like that but there’s no perfume that smells like that, so that’s kind of cool and I think it reminds me a little bit of Coco Mademoiselle and a little bit of cocoa actually and I think this is quite a sophisticated smell and it might be quite good for work or sort of a daytime type perfume.

I think because it’s quite neutral it’s not really a nighttime perfume but the thing that’s a bit disappointing is it’s not particularly exciting, it’s very soft and pleasant and with that big powdery feeling to it but it doesn’t excite me or it’s not very interesting fragrance. There’s quite a lot of freesia flower in here and the sort of main note is called oak Moss. I’m not sure I’ve ever come across oak Moss in the wild but I guess that’s where that powdery fragrance is coming from. There are quite a few lemon and orange and notes in here and roses as well but I can’t smell any of those. Maybe when you initially smell it you get like sort of lemony type feel but that fades in a matter of seconds and it’s not really involved in the end fragrance. So essentially you know I don’t think this is gonna be a best-seller one of the biggest perfumes and I think that it will find its niche and some people will really like it.

I think if you like quite unassuming warm cozy feminine fragrances then I would give this a try but if you’re looking for something a bit unusual or a bit standout and then this probably isn’t gonna be the one you’re gonna settle for. So thanks so much for reading I hope you found this useful if you did then don’t forget to give the this review a thumbs up in the comments below and check out some of my other perfume reviews on All Minced Up but that’s it for now so bye.

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