Why People Who Venture Out Looking for Anti-Hair Loss Products Ultimately Return to Rogaine

The Only Reason Why Thousands Swear by Rogaine is Because It Works!

My Personal Experience With Rogaine

Greetings and welcome back. My name is Cheryl. My most asked question at the moment is, am I still using Rogaine? Did I like it? Did I hate it? Now I started using Rogaine back in March of 2015 and I used it for a good five solid months consistently and I did have results in those five months and the reason I started using it is because I wanted to see if I can get some more hair growth on the sides of my head basically. That’s where I was like really starting to thin out. It took about a month to see like little new fuzzies come in, and then I didn’t know if it was just my imagination or what, so to really notice that it took about three months.

Consistency is Key

Now again, I used it for about five months to six months consistently and that’s the thing, if you’re gonna use this product you have to use it consistently. You know, a lot of people are asking like when you stop using this product, does the hair fall out – the new growth. So eventually I did stop using it, not because I didn’t like it but because I simply just didn’t pick up more at this store. So all of that new growth that I had and it was quite a bit, I really didn’t apply it to other areas of my head except right here on the sides, and all of that new growth that came in has stayed. It never fell out, it didn’t thin over time. Everything that grew in in those five months has stayed. I’ve been getting like all these emails in my inbox on Twitter and Instagram asking me if I’m still using it. It actually reminded me like, you should pick up some more because it did work and it did give me great results. I’m actually going to the grocery store today. I have it on my list I’m gonna pick it up and I plan on using it again. I’m kind of mad at myself now because if I had stuck with it, I would be having even more hair growth on the side of my head. So I’m gonna pick up some because my sides here are probably the thinnest out of my whole head, I have a lot of hair like on top, in the back, but my sides right here is where I’m most concerned about and where I have the most thinning, and I’ll probably continue to use it up here just to see if I can get even more growth, that would be awesome.

I use the mousse women’s Rogaine. I wanted to point out, you know that if you stop using it, you’re gonna stop getting results. I think that is definitely true because when I stopped using it, I was kind of just like stuck with what grew and nothing new came in, so I will do another update probably mid this year to let you guys know how it worked on my sides cause that’s where I plan on putting it, right here on my sides, the area above my ears, and I’ll update you guys then, but as far as where I was using it before and how it worked, I think it works great.

If you guys have any questions, leave them down below. I do check my comments and I will be happy to reply and also if you guys want to kind of chitchat and help each other out in the comment section that’s always lovely. So I will see you guys next time thank you so much for reading.

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