This is a story of my hair loss experience and the steps I took to recover from it. It details the timelines, the products I used and the progress that I've made.

How to Stop Hair Falling Out While Combing and Shampooing

Unsettling Experience 1:
When you stare at
strands of hair stuck to your comb every time you brush your hair

Distressing Experience 2:
When clumps of hairball rolls on your palm every time you shampoo 

Happened 4 Months Ago (May 2018)

One morning as I was combing my hair preparing for work, I noticed some hair falling out and getting stuck to my comb.

At first, it wasn’t so alarming:

Maybe just between 5 to 10 strands ☹

Started to get worrying within 2 weeks: as I noticed extra strands with each run of the comb!!! 😟😟

Extremely Stressful Situation For Me

  • I’m in my early 30s
  • Self image is important, this could *affect my job applications
  • Meeting new people, dates, etc

I decided that I needed to fix my problem fast. Four weeks after I first noticed the worrying trend, I could feel my hair thinning and also notice more hair falling during combing and in the shower.

Easier To Fix Hair Loss At Early Stages. Not So Easy Once Bald Spots Appear

I read online across many sites that it’s much easier to fix a hair loss problem as early as possible, because it’s extremely difficult to recover from a bald spot, much easier while there is still hair..

😓😓😓😅😅😅 Not too late for me… better start taking action quick…

My First Step

What to do right ? In panic mode now, after considering the possibility of thinning hair to the point of balding.

I hit Google the next 3 days, reading over 40 websites on hair loss, the causes and what to do about it. OMG!!! The amount of information, and the amount of products out there… There were literally hundreds of products 😲 from natural remedies to western treatment, to Chinese herbs…  

The Real Problem Is…

I didn’t have time to make mistakes, trying 101 different cures, supplements, shampoos, hair oils and … My bloody hair was thinning fast, and by the looks of the strands of hair that has fallen out… I’m not going to have to worry about this in a year’s time…. in a few months time, I could imagine bald spots appearing on the side of my head, where hair is thinning faster than the rest. Damn…what to do now… 

Then I Made My Decision

  • I decided that I could continue reading all I want, but reading would not solve my hair fall problem. I had to do something quick.
  • I decided to go for the most popular product out there, which has the most reviews, and the most positive results from the feedback given
  • After all, if thousands of people have had success with a particular product, it’s better to follow a proven path than waste precious time trying something unverified. I wanted to make the best decision based on available facts – it was critical to stop the problem from worsening to a point where it will have an adverse affect on my image.

After reading hundreds of reviews, I got this product. This product comes in a variety of packaging for both male and female versions (Links to the product on

It  says “…has been shown to regrow hair in women with the following degrees of thinning hair or hair loss”

“Do not use if your degree of hair loss is different than that shown on the side of this carton, because this product may not work for you”

😅😅😅😅😅 Now that caught my eye! Clearly what’s said is that once hair loss gets past a certain stage, it’s going to be harder to reverse than sooner.

Without further thought, research, reading, I immediately went ahead and bought the product. It arrived 4 days later at my doorstep.

“It takes time to regrow hair. You may need to use this product 2 times a day for at least 4 months before you see results”

Oh crap…4 months… depressing… well, if I never start, that 4 months will never be completed, and 4 months later, my hair may start to thin a lot more. Drip drip. My first 2 drops on 2nd of June 2018.

I started applying this 2 times a day, once at 9am and another at 7pm without missing a single day.

Results after 1 month (1st of July 2018)

  • Hair from combing seems to have stopped from getting worse. There were still hair falling out, but it’s apparent that it’s improved slightly. 😄😄
  • Hair from shampooing shows more or less the same results. Before, there seemed to be more hair fall with each passing week. This time around, it looks slightly less than the week before.

Definitely there is an obvious improvement, not much, but it’s better than nothing at this point. After all, the product did mention that it can take up to 4 months to see noticeable improvements. Stick with the plan!

Results after 2nd month (1st of August 2018)

  • Each time I combed my hair, only a few strands are falling out. Definitely better than after the first month.
  • Also less hair falling out during shampooing. In fact, it was such a relief at this point to know that things are slowly working out.

There further improvements from the month before was obvious. Much lesser hair fall in both situations. I couldn’t wait to see more improvements the coming month. 😃 At this point, the thinning hair on the side of my head DID NOT seem to improved much, but from just looking at the amount of hair fall reduction, I can tell that something is working.

Results after 3rd month (1st of September 2018)

  • Almost no strands of hair during combing. Yay!!! Beside the few odd normal strands with combing, everything seems quite good and normal after 3 months of using the product.
  • In the shower, as I anxiously looked at the palms of my hand after each run through my hair, there was nothing! OMG!!! This was such a huge relief from previous times in the shower.

Definitely the hair fall has almost stopped after 3 months of dripping this product 2x daily on my scalp. I guess it was the discipline and consistency that has helped. Imagine, if I hadn’t done anything, after 3 months, the result would likely have been far worse!

Results after 110 Days (20th of September 2018)

I know, I should have waited  until the 1st of October to update my report, but I’m pretty excited about things, that’s why I am doing an early reporting. 😋😋🙂🙂😃😄🤣😂😂

Here is the difference, one I took very early on, on May 4th 2018 and the second image around September 15th 2018.

I will continue updating this page with more results next month, but all I can say at this point is – this product works! My advice to whoever is reading this, do not delay and instead act on it immediately if you’re suffering from hair loss.

Taking action now instead of just reading for another month could make all the difference. Don’t wait before it’s too late. Hope my post is beneficial to those suffering from similar hair fall experience. Best of luck!

The product I have been using is called Rogaine. It worked like a charm for me. There are different variations for men and women. Click on the links below to read the thousands of review left by sufferers like me.


Most Important Tip: It took me 3 months to start seeing results. Don’t give up and stop using the product if you don’t see much difference after just one month. The key to fixing hair loss is consistent usage for a few months.


  1. Quite an accurate account of what happened to me too. Rogaine foam doesn’t contain Polypropylene Glycol, which can cause allergic reactions for some people.

    Similar to the author’s experience, I also started using Rogaine after a month of noticing my hair shedding. When I combed my hair, it felt thinner by the pressure felt on my scalp from the brushing of the comb. This product definitely works, and my hair was eventually restored on the sides and front of my head.

    Yup, as the author has mentioned, this must be used twice daily, and results will show after a few months. Not instant, but if you don’t start, your hair will eventually get thinner. It’s best not to delay this self treatment as the cost is very affordable.

  2. I’ve read all the mixed reviews on Rogaine but decided to give it a try 6 months ago. What happened next was a pleasant surprise – not only did my hairline stopped receding, but thick black hair has begun to sprout … even my wife and a neighbor noticed it and was extremely curious on the treatment..

  3. I was pretty much hesitant to put Minoxidil on my scalp and preferred a natural treatment. However after 3 months of trying various other natural and herbal treatments without much success, my hair was feeling thinner and the sight of loose hairs on the bathroom floor made me decided to give Minoxidil a go.

    I took the risk with Rogaine and have not been disappointed by it. Results were definitely positive and after 10 weeks, I could see baby hairs growing. This is a great account of events being posted, and I definitely agree that people who suffer from hair loss should give Rogaine a chance if other treatments don’t work.

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