The Risks Of Being Vegetarian

In this article, I’m going to talk about the problem with being a vegetarian. Now I’m not against vegetables at all. In fact I consume more vegetables than a vegetarians that I know but there’s some points I want to bring up about this because it’s not as easy to do as you would think.

Number one, most vegetarians are really gainatarians. When I talk about them they don’t even have very many vegetables and are consuming all these breads, pasta, cereal, crackers, biscuits. They are thinking that it’s healthy and consume artificial meats like burgers made from soy and things like that. That’s like very very unhealthy so if you’re becoming a vegetarian to become healthy then make sure that you do it with actual vegetables, okay, but you might have to add beans, you might have to add wild rice, you might have to add lentils, you might have to add nutritional yeast. There are ways to do it but if you are an adrenal case or a diabetic, what happens is your body is in a state of a catabolic state. I’m going to explain what that means – catabolic is a word to describe that your body is breaking down its own protein so you have the opposite word which is anabolic which is building back up protein like after you would work out, the body would build back up protein, but then you have the breakdown of protein in your muscle which is called catabolic. So when you’re in adrenal case or you’re diabetic your body is breaking down muscle protein faster than its building back up and so you get a lot of atrophy especially as you as you get into your 40s and 50s and go through menopause.

So I know people that become a vegetarian and they’re in this state their adrenal cases are diabetic and they crash and burn. They might even lose their hair, They might lose your teeth, they don’t feel well they have blood sugar issues. So you have to have good adrenals to be able to handle being a vegetarian because the amount of protein that you might need to heal the body. So it’s difficult getting protein – that’s the big problem pf becoming a vegetarian because the amino acids are not as plentiful in a vegetable versus a meat or an egg or something like that.

Okay so that’s number two like the purpose of food is really to get our nutrients whether it’s vitamins minerals, essential fatty acids, which again it’s hard to get with this because essential fatty acids you can get them from flax but they have to be converted into what our body uses, but mainly we get them from fish oil or fish or grass-fed eggs or grass-fed beef, things like that so it’s it’s possible but it’s not easy to get. Okay so the definition of food is to get our nutrition so whether we get vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids or amino acids at the end of the day, you have a lot of variety of foods that you can get these nutrients from. You wouldn’t necessarily have to get them from one type of food but – that is the goal of food, which is to get our nutrients so whether you are vegetarian getting them from vegetables or getting them from some other source, this is the goal.

So this kind of clears up the confusion of what diet should I be on. Well, you should be on a diet that provides all the nutrients and believe it or not not that I consume organ meats, but organ meats have the most nutrition of any food on the planet. I don’t need brains, I don’t need kidneys but in the olden days they did do that and I’m not against that but I’m just making a point that those foods have a lot of nutrition, all right. So these are the problems, number one, consuming non vegetable sources if you’re an adrenal case, you better have some protein whether it’s some eggs or cheese or a little bit of chicken or something because you may get worse if you don’t and then the other thing is just make sure if you’re going to be a vegetarian, make sure you know how to do it and you don’t just wing it. Make sure that you study up on it and get all of your proteins maybe from pea protein or hemp protein, whatever. Okay so that is my two cents and I will write more articles on healthy diets.

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