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Hello! Welcome back to my blog. So today I’m going to show you a few cute dresses that I love. Before I get on talking about summer dresses, I want to thank you guys because every week when I post a blog I get comments for the review I’ve written on perfumes, shoes, handbags telling me that I’ve inspired you guys to looking fab! The thing about summer dresses is that they’re just really easy to put on and look elegant. You may think you need to put some efforts in but really it doesn’t take much effort and it’s comfortable.

1) This is dress number one. What I actually love about this dress is it’s white and long so if I’m going out in the evening like for example to a graduation party, it has got my legs covered and I’m not worried about getting cold when the temperature drops I can grab a jean jacket and throw that over my shoulders. A nice clutch that can go together with this dress is a yellow clutch from Steve Madden, which I thought would be really cute. White is my favourite colour so when I add the pop of yellow it kind of adds some fun to the dress. My intention with the purse is to dress it down a little bit, and when I paired this long dress with flat shoes I can take the dress from a graduation party to a date night. You can put on wedges if you want or some sort of casual heel, which I think could also be great. Personally, I just pair it with a wrap sandal.

2) So for the second dress, I saw this one from Free People. A really cute wrap dress which is slightly over $100; but for people in the US it’ll be under $100. You know what I was drawn to was the colour. It’s very bright but still simplistic with not a lot of colour in it just two different colours. Wrap dresses are almost universally flattering. For me it might be slightly revealing I have to pin it a bit but if you have a smaller chest I think it would be a great dress as it’s light and floaty. This dress can be worn anywhere in this summer. It’s a fantastic dress with a really cute colour and the ruffles add a little bit of energy to the dress. You could do a nude shoe if you want to dress this up or you could put on any type of high-heeled sandals. Personally I like to always dress down and make it a little more edgy.

3) You can’t have a summer wardrobe without a striped dress. This dress is a bit sheer so I actually have a nude slip underneath but it’s so cute and has pockets; the perfect dress you can wear with a pair of loafers. I’ve styled it with a pair of sandals and it’s very classic. If you needed to dress it up you could match with a navy blazer, a pair of red shoes and a red purse. The striped dress is a great piece to have in your wardrobe. I absolutely love it and of course I love anything with pockets, anything that is loose; I’ve added a belt to it so it looks okay.

4) I’m digging gingham. Gingham is in trend right now, so I pulled this gingham on and I found it really cute and I like it. It’s not something that I normally gravitate towards but it is actually a very classy and comfortable dress. I like the flow of it and I found this shoes at Topshop that work together with the dress. You can also pair it with a lot of outfits like for example a clunkier shoe to kind of ground it a little bit that’s just my personal vibe. But you literally could put this dress on with nude pumps and look absolutely stunning. I chose to dial it with a round bag, which is super cute. If you’re looking for a new purse for summer, this is definitely the purse to complement any outfit.

5) You can’t go through summer without a denim dress. I have three: one is a tank style dress, the other one has long sleeves with a collar, and this one. I think this is not an actual denim because it feels like a very thin cotton and so for hot summer days it would be fantastic. Plus if you don’t really want to show your arms it has got cap sleeves. If you want to be a little bit more conservative, this would be a perfect one. I like to pair it with desert boots sometimes with high heels and sandals. And you know what? A pair of white Converse can make it an even more versatile summer dress.
There you have it a list of must have summer dresses. I want to thank you guys so much for reading my blog and I hope that you enjoyed this summer dresses review. Leave a comment if you found this review helps get through your remaining summer!

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