Styling Winter Coats

Hi guys, it’s Cherine and welcome back to my posts. This post is going to be about three of my favorite winter coats that I’ll be rocking this season as well as how I style them. I will be doing a more heavy duty winter layer dressing. This blog is just more about the coats and I’m going to kind of go more in depth about why I love these three and why I feel like that. They are staples in my wardrobe for winter so without further ado let’s just get right into it. I showed this coat last year and it is my puffer coat. I know puffer coats are really really in season right now but this is not that traditional 90s feel. This is definitely more sporty and more fitted but it is my Lululemon puffer coat. It’s really great because you can layer it with so many different things. It also has a pocket on the inside so it can kind of go up and roll up into a little ball for travel. I really like this. It’s super super warm. It’s down filled and I skied in it before too so definitely really good for activities as well in the cold weather. I got this when I was, I think 16 so this is like eight years old, so it’s really old but it really has held its shape. Lululemon looks good on you, but I’m gonna try laying some similar stuff because I really like the look of these kind of fit, puffer winter coats. I know Moncler is a super super expensive option for those but I really like the way they look. I like how form-fitting they are to the body and they look flattering on absolutely everybody.

The way I styled my puffer coat is with a pair of denim, my new superstar Adidas sneakers as well as just this black bodysuit that I’m wearing in all the outfits and then a toque. You can’t go wrong with a toque in Toronto weather. I just think they’re really really cute as well as they keep your ears and your head super super warm.

The next jacket I have here is another staple of mine and it is my Zara shearling aviator coat. Now this is actually surprisingly really really warm. This was the only jacket I brought to Montreal last January or February I can’t remember but it was frigid in Montreal and this definitely held up its end of the bargain. It is pretty inexpensive compared to the Acne coat that’s a few grand and I think this one is around a hundred, two hundred dollars. I will try to link the exact one if they still have it in the comments section below but this one is really really great. It just has like that faux leather detailing and the inside in this faux fur is so so warm. I think it also gives you a really nice edge. It goes with absolutely everything, even if I put on a pair of joggers and a crewneck, I put this on and it still looks super super cute so the way I styled it for you guys today is with a pair of flared corduroys that you guys know that I thrifted. I’ll try link that haul somewhere in the cards here, and then the same black bodysuit. This is how I layer it – I put my blazer under. This is just a checked one that I thrifted, I’ll try something similar once again, but I really think that you can layer jackets under jackets. It just gives you that layer of warmth and that way you can have a complete outfit under your jacket without compromising any style and I still think it looks really good and adds just a layer of interest to your outfit.

I also threw on a beanie as well because I really felt like it went with this kind of like cool girl, she type of look and yeah super super happy with this purchase. I love Zara, I come out with it every single year and I hi highly recommend this coat. It’s definitely worth your money and then the third coat is the last coat I picked up on my Asia trip and even though I haven’t worn this yet this winter I can definitely see myself wearing this over and over again.

This is kind of a cashmere coat so I recommend this more for if you are a driving type of girl and you’re driving to and from running errands, like that or you’re ubering somewhere because definitely a little bit thinner. So it is my dress coat from Uniqlo and I picked this up in Japan but they also have it in North America so I’ll link it down below. The reason why I include this in my winter coat even though it doesn’t look like much it’s because it is actually wool and cashmere which means that it’s going to be really really warm. So even though the layer looks a little bit thin, it’s going to keep you quite warm as long as you put the right things under it. So under, I just have my long-sleeve once again. Another tip is if you want to wear a long sleeve like this but you want to stay warm, try long underwear Uniqlo has some really good tech products as well, so you can definitely get this look and also keep a little bit extra toasty if you will, but I love this coat I wore it with a pair of crop flares as well as some sock boots. I think it looks really cool, like really really dressed. You automatically look chic when you put on a jacket like this. I love the silhouette. It has enough room under that you can layer big chunky turtlenecks and for the last piece, I want to know which one was your favorite.

Just to finish up the look so the first one I have here is this faux fur type of stole and I got this from Aritzia, I believe two years ago, and I really like it because you put it on top of any jacket and just makes you look like a mafia boss, which is something I’m a little bit into. Just adds a bit of confidence so the faux fur just makes this jacket look super luxe and also keeps your neck quite warm. I love the look that this gives. I think it looks really really really cute and different or you can go with a blanket scarf which is another go-to of mine. This big one is from Zara and I just like to wrap around once. Make it really chunky around my neck. Wrap all my hair in and just feel super super cozy. Oh yeah, overall is the type of jacket they’ll be good with dressier outfits, if you’re running two meetings, if you’re going to work, if you’re going to address your event like a wedding. So that wraps up my first post officially back in Toronto from Asia. Let me know if you guys like this one by leaving your comments below. so I hope you guys stay tuned and I’ll talk to you guys later. Bye guys.

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