My Favourite Shoes 2018

Today I’m going to show you my top 10 favourite shoe collection.

The first pair is Pink Nike Cortez. I know they’re not sold anymore but these are from ASOS and I really like it. If you follow me on Instagram you might already know that I do feature quite a few pink and red outfits. So when these came out, I knew I had to have them and they’d be really cute when paired with a big t-shirt dress in summer.

I love my Adidas NMD and loving this Pink colour. They are super comfy and I have actually worn them for quite a while. They were quite sought when they came out and sold out quite a lot of times. I’m not sure how easy to get your hands on these now but then they obviously do new and different versions. I know a lot of people wear these as gym shoes, I just really like them.
One of my favourite collection is the Public Desire because this is the one I created. There are four pairs in the collection but I’m just going to show one. The box has my name on it and these were launched in the summer of 2017. This is the mules which ties right up your leg or you can literally wrap them around your ankle. I have in pink and white but the white one that I wear most generally, they’ve got a couple marks on.

Next up is a pair of Reebok Overbranded trainers. I did a collaboration with Footlocker and Reebok on these and I actually did a blog post of how I would style them. I just really like how they have “Reebok” written all over them. I plan to wear them a lot in summer because they’re pretty cute.

The next one is Chanel trainers. Although I don’t know if this pair is still available out there I couldn’t find it elsewhere. To be honest, I couldn’t afford this so I don’t know why I was even looking. I think because they were quite hard to get hold off and I think once they came out, we never know if they are going to come out again or whether they even still sell them at all. Maybe they do different versions of them I’ve seen an all blacks pair and a more white pair with less like this suede on.

Next up is Adidas Gazelles. They are super comfy and I really like this pink pair and I also have in cream which I’m very scared to wear because they’re suede and it’s hard to keep them clean. I think they’re really cute, probably because of the look, which is not too chunky. They’re pretty slim fit on your foot, they come in white laces as well as the pink.


The next stylish set of shoes is somewhat special. It’s a pair of shoes design for us with Plantar Fasciitis foot pain. This is the Orthofeet Comfort Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Women Heel Pain Relief Arch Support Bunions Diabetic Athletic Sneakers Coral from

However if you’re looking for something by Gravity Defyer instead, you could check this out: Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk – Best Shoes for Heel Pain, Foot Pain, Plantar Fasciitis from

There you have it all my favourite shoes that I love to share with you guys although some of them are no longer for sale or have discontinued or evolved to different versions. I personally love all my collections and I have all my shoes in their boxes all the time to keep them as clean as possible. I’d like to thank you guys for reading my blog. Please leave a comment if you happen to have the same pairs as mine or better collections. I’d love to hear from you guys! Till then XOXO.

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