My Best and Worse Handbags and Shoes Purchase

Hello everybody, welcome back to my review corner. Designer items and buying designer accessories and shoes is something that, I think a lot of us do these days and I think often it can take quite a while to research and decide what it is you want to buy. And then you’ll sort of save up and get it and it’s quite a big item to buy, and there’s nothing worse than once you’ve bought something, regretting that you bought it and wishing you bought something else. Oon the flip side it’s really good when you buy that investment piece and then you end up using it so much and the sort of price per wear is actually quite low. So if you divide the number of times you wear it by how much it cost it actually isn’t that expensive, I think that’s quite a good way to rationalize spending lots of money on these designer items. So today I’m just gonna take you through some of the things that I think have been really good value for money and design items that I think are the best things I purchased and then some of the things that were probably not too small a purchase and haven’t had a very good price per wear.

So let’s start off positive, so the first thing is my Gucci Marmont bag. This has such a long shoulder strap and if you follow me on instagram, you’ll probably see it popping up all the time because I really do wear this. Most days I’m quite lazy and I don’t like having tote bags, so I love that this has a long strap and I can even wear it crossbody and then I have both my hands-free and I don’t even have to think of anything. The size is also really really good, so it’s small enough to not be heavy but it’s big enough to fit like a good wallet. I can even fit my camera in here and a different lens. So I think it’s a perfect size. The colour, you would expect for it being so bright that it would be quite difficult to ever but actually I think it kind of goes with most things, and especially if you’re wearing a coat or a jacket, which is probably gonna be a dark colour, it goes with black it goes with navy, it goes with pretty much every colour except red, probably. It actually is quite a cool accessory because it highlights and contrast against you wearing a black coat, so this is probably my number one best designer purchase.

So secondly is my Christian Dior small evening bag. This is patent purple. And again, getting it in purple has been really versatile because it goes with black, it goes with grey, it goes with pretty much every color, so you can wear it with any evening outfit. It has a long strap so you can wear it long but you can also fold it over and wear it higher up, and you can put the strap inside or you can take it off and then just use it as a clutch so it’s really versatile in that sense. It’s really nice and roomy and fits everything you would need for an evening, and with it being and patent, it’s it still looks brand-new it’s got no marks on it or anything so I think this was a really good purchase.

So this item is my Dior handbag now. This one’s kind of been in somewhere in the middle, I think. So what’s good about it is that its worn really well. The leathers stay pretty well. This is probably four or five years old now and it’s really really roomy so you can fit like an umbrella, you can fit in loads of bits and bobs in here. The only issue I found with it really is that it’s quite heavy with it has all that stuff in it, and I can’t really be bothered to lug it around with me everywhere and and when you wear it over your shoulder, it’s quite big then it’s all just a bit too much. I think in sort of recent years I’ve become more of a fan of crossbody or like really long bags rather than ones that you wear up here, so I’m just sort of starting to wear it less and less really. So I’d say that this was somewhere in the middle, not the best but not the worst.

So, on to shoes. So these are, (I keep them in their little bag), these are Gina shoe and I have to say that these shoes are so strappy, but they are so comfortable and I think these are gonna be something that I can wear for years and years and years and years. I’ll probably have some over 10 years until they’re completely worn out. You can wear them to an evening event with them being gold, they go with pretty much every outfit and you don’t have to think about your feet hurting all night, which is pretty rare for a heel pair of shoes, so really impressed with these and I absolutely love them.

So conversely these are probably the least clever, or the worst designer purchase. These are gorgeous gorgeous Jimmy Choo strappy shoes and the thing is, when they’re on, they’re incredibly painful and the heel is really really high. There’s absolutely no support down here at the ball of your foot so you’re basically like just straight onto the floor and it really hurts even if you’re wearing like some kind of padded cushion thing inside. These are really gorgeous. They’re difficult to walk in and they hurt and I have to say that the leather is starting to fray a little bit and I really haven’t worn these very many times, probably less than ten times. So these probably weren’t a very smart purchase, but they are beautiful and I will keep them for as long as possible. I try and wear them when I know I’m not going to be doing much walking. Unfortunately these probably weren’t the smartest purchase, so that’s basically a quick summary of some of the things that I think are the best and the worst. One thing I would have mentioned was my old Louie Vuitton purse that I had about 10 years, and and that was actually the white one with the colored multicolored logos on, and that lasted 10 years being used every day, so I was really impressed in how that wore. That was recently stolen so I can’t show you that unfortunately, but it was a really good purchase. Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this review if you did give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to comment in the box below.

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