Affordable Shoes for Office and Work

Today I’m going to share some good stuff which what I think hands down the best professional environment working shoe and it’s affordable. It may come off a bit controversial but all in good fun and it’s really just kind of you know banter with your girlfriends that’s kind of how I think of it. Okay let’s get into it!

I think the best affordable professional environment working shoe is the J Crew LC pump. Why I think these are the perfect pump for office wear: first of all, its super classic shape; it has a stiletto that’s not crazy tall and a classic pointed toe which is beyond perfect. In some pointy toe shoes, I think the shape is a little too pointed. But these shoes are kind of subtly sexy and also of fantastic quality they are made in Italy. And this is actually now part of J Crew’s permanent collection and the retail price is around $270-ish or maybe under $300, which is pretty affordable I think.

I’ve seen this pair for many seasons and they do definitely go on sale. I actually have these shoes in another colour which is a brocade fabric version with the inside is still fully leather, which is super comfortable. The shoe bed does have some kind of cushioning, I don’t even feel like I’m wearing three and a half inches. They are not crazy tall, making it perfect for work still very conservative and ladylike. If you’re used to walking in high heels, these shoes are going to be like just nothing to you.

The Manolo Blahnik BB, in my humble opinion, is the best shoe of all time especially in the 105mm heel height. They are so gorgeous and are definitely my Holy Grail shoe but they’re also like $600-$700 and they don’t really go on sale, at least not if you’re trying to look for them in a classic black colour. So I am withholding myself from spending that much money on a shoe that I’m trying to wear as a daily work shoe. At 105mm, which is about 4 inches, a bit taller than the J Crew pump, so that is something you want to keep in mind for a work environment.

The next thing I want to talk about why pointy toe versus round toe. Pointy toe shoes help elongate your legs when you’re wearing a skirt. It also has a nice contrast when you’re wearing a long trouser so if you just think about the trouser hem falling on top of this shoe it kind of falls on top of it like that. If you have a round toe shoe underneath that hem poking out it would just look there would not be any contrast in the shape. There are few occasions where I do a round toe, especially when I’m going for a cutesy look.

Now I want to say something about Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes. In my personal opinion, it’s inappropriate for office wear because the Louboutin shoes have some sex appeal on it also they’re not as comfortable as you might think. Again, this is my opinion hopefully I’m not really like driving you guys crazy and offending all of you. But if you are, I’m really sorry :). I do think they are lovely shoes for going out on a fancy dinner like a gala or something like that. But for office wear, I would suggest to go with something a little bit more muted, comfortable and slightly down to earth.

That’s all I wanted to say about the best high heel shoes for office and work. I kind of went off tangents on the topic slightly but I hope I’m making some senses although with some personal touches. Thank you guys so much for keep reading my blog. I will keep posting on fashion tips and trends and do comment below if you have ideas or suggestions. Hope you guys have a great summer! Bye!

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