10 Ways To Always Look Expensive

Today’s I’m going to share some tips for you to looking great so I come up with 10 different ways to always look expensive. You don’t have to spend so much, I kind of mix and match different ways and put everything together to look more expensive. So…

The first tip I think is a very good tip is wearing neutral coloured clothing. For example, this very basic H&M t-shirt I think I paid $5 for it. There is something about neutral colour that can take your style up a notch when you put together right accessories to it. It doesn’t have to be the same style of shirt it could be a button-up shirt, or a cardigan, or a sweater or anything really if it has a neutral monotone look to it.

The next tip I have is pointy shoes. There is something about pointy-toe shoes that really elevates an outfit whether casual or formal. I just absolutely love pointy shoes and I feel like they really will withstand the test of time, be it heel or flat. They’re very classic and elegant and you can wear them with so many different styles.

The next tip is wearing simple jewelry. I’m obsessed with Miranda Frye jewelry. I was going to get a silver piece in my collection and I do have it now: it is Decorah necklace, which is a long gorgeous necklace, and the London necklace, which is adjustable you can wear at different lengths. I love mixing and matching simple jewelry and I really think that simple classic jewelry can make your outfit look more expensive. I definitely incorporate this into all my outfits whether it be dressy or casual.

The next way that you can look expensive is actually incorporating entry-level designer pieces. I have a selection of belts such as Gucci, Hermes and Louboutin and also a Louis Vuitton banjo which was under $200 that I can tie on to many bags. It can be any accessories you have in your wardrobe such as sunglasses or maybe an actual scarf to wear around your neck can actually dress up your outfits.

Or you could also invest in higher-end designer bags and shoes. Looking expensive doesn’t necessarily need to be the whole package where you need expensive jeans or fur vests. For the most part, a lot of my clothes are very low-end like Zara, H&M and Forever 21, but I splurge on the handbags and shoes. Because I think that when somebody is walking down the street the first thing that everyone notices on them is their handbags or shoes.

The next tip I have is actually incorporating vintage pieces into your wardrobe and I mean like higher-end vintage pieces because for the most part is they are definitely a little less expensive and look good on you.

The next tip I have is wearing natural makeup. All my makeup is usually very natural and neutral looking. I wear very matte or shimmery neutral shades and I get so many compliments on my makeup. I don’t think it’s by far anything amazing but I feel that neutral makeup is the way to go because personally it is very easy, not much efforts on your side and it is what people are focusing on, really.

The next tip though actually does go along with neutral makeup but it’s actually your lipstick and I think wearing a bold and more specifically red lipstick looks amazing when you’re trying to look expensive. I just think that for some reasons, red lipstick looks good on everybody. You could be as pale as a ghost or have dark complexion or everything in between, but wearing a red lipstick don’t go crazy if your makeup is kind of neutral.

The next tip I have is investing in either a military jacket or leather jacket. I have been trying to find the perfect leather jacket for so long every time I try them on it either doesn’t fit. But I do have a green military jacket that I seriously love it although it’s not super dressy but there’s just something about it that when I wear it whether it be casual or even dressy with heels I get so many compliments. The same goes for leather jackets I feel like it’s just something that everybody can have and put on with almost any outfits and instantly make you feel so chic, stylish and they never go out of style.

My last tip is designer duped. Now I don’t really do this that often except for clothing. So like with the Ballman blazer, I’m not willing to spend that much money on a clothing item. So I do look to other clothing places like H&M or Zara or Topshop where they do more trendy pieces that are inspired by higher-end designs. I feel like there are a lot of trends in these stores and I just know those trends go in and out that way I can kind of like always be in style but then at the same time incorporate all of my other tips that I just mentioned.

Most importantly, I hope you enjoyed my 10 tips and if you have additional tips please comment them down below I would love to hear what you have to say.

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