Dell PowerEdge T30 Tower Server


This Dell PowerEdge T-30 Tower server comes with a 3.7Ghz Intel Xeon Processor, 32GBs of RAM, and 2 Terabytes of 7200rpm Hard Disks, configured to a RAID 1 setting.  This is a true workhorse for all your IT coding and software development needs. It’s super fast business grade processor allows you to get more work done in parallel by loading and executing more processes against an abundance of memory and disk read/write IO.

Keen on utilizing this server as a GIT repository? Or a central file storage? Or simply as a Linux server for multiple user concurrent access? Not a problem at all. This PowerEdge T-30 handles everything with ease. The T-30’s storage and performance promises smooth operations for a multi-user environment that will take productivity to new heights.

The small chassis design will fit into any corner of your home or office, being almost unnoticeable from it’s very subtle design footprint.

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